• 25 – 28 October
    Nova Melancholia presenting the performance “Let’s Imagine a Heroic Landscape” as outcome of a residency that realised during October 2018 at Fivizzano27, Rome Italy
  • 26 – 30 September
    Masterclass with Nova Melancholia at Fivizzano27, Rome Italy
  • 22 – 24 June
    Momentary Occupations#1
    , at Protesilaou 15 Pagkrati, the first of a series of event organized by the Performance Biennial
  • 30 May -20 June
    No Armature, solo exhibition at Asklipiou 99
  • 3 & 5 May
    Spleen d’Athen, a performance by Nova Melancholia presenting at New Greek Wave Festival at Bremen, Germany
  • 3 March – 3 April
    , a performance by Nova Melancholia presenting at Asklipiou 99


  • 28 November – 28 December
    VASKOS: Ivory towers, the second exhibition of VASKOS (our common project with Vassilis Noulas) at our new space Asklipiou 99
  • 6 September
    Where Are We Now? Green Park and other stories from Athens
    With Vassilis Noulas and Kostas Tzimoulis, presentation of self-organized experiments and art strategies (cultural occupations, activists’ actions, cultural interventions, autonomous initiatives) that took place during the last years of crisis in Athens at KNNM in Kassel, Germany
  • 4-5 July
    Anestis Logothetis, Expansion a music performance with dissonArt Ensemble directed by Vassilis Noulas  as part of the Music Theater Days at the Alternative Stage of National Greek Opera
  • 24-25 June
    Maritime Hot Baths a performance by Nova Melancholia presenting at Greek Festival
  • 11-26 March
    The Age of Innocence a performance by Nova Melancholia presenting at Onassis Cultural Centre.


  • 21 -27 October 
    Monsieur Non Non, an installation with Vassilis Noulas presenting at the group exhibition Regarding Nicolas Calas at ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts)